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  • Market Overview

    Take a quick look at what is going on in your market at the moment. See how many products you have in common with your competitors, who has the cheapest prices and who is the most expensive.

  • Competitor Monitoring

    There is no need to manually browse your competitors' e-shops to be able to compare their products with yours. We will get them for you and present them in a nice dashboard.

  • Product Matching

    We will match the same products between your catalogue and your competitors' ones, for you to be able to compare your price and stock with theirs.

  • Product History

    You can take decisions based on the historic data of every product.

  • Data Filters

    You can segment the common products with your competitors by category, brand, SKU and price.

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Platform Features

Make confident, precise decisions quickly, all fact-checked against the market.

E-Commerce Monitoring

Our primary mission is to monitor the e-commerce market at scale by tracking thousands of e-shops.

Product Matching

We use Machine Learning to be able to match the same products in different catalogues.

Brand Overview

You can monitor where and how the products of your brand are being sold online, in different websites.

Retail Analytics

You can create reports for the data that you want to track and view the latest market trends.

Powerful Search

You can search for any product in the websites that you want to monitor, without visiting them, as we have already done this for you.

Easy Customization

You can customize your dashboard and view only the information that is relevant for your use case.

More Features

Pipeleaf is much more than price monitoring. Our mission is to create the most complete retail analytics platform at a global level.


You can integrate and use our data in your own system, using our API.

Built to Scale

Our platform was built to scale. We are currently monitoring millions of SKUs from thousands of websites.

Market Trends

We analyze the data that we collect and we are able to understand the market trends that are currently evolving.

Why Us?

Pipeleaf is a Business Intelligence platform that just works.

We have implemented our own tool that collects e-commerce data from the all over the Internet.
Our scalable platform allows to monitor more than 350 million SKUs, from 25 different countries.
There is no need for IT integration or onsite support. You can use our platform and access the data right away.

Our Clients

At Pipeleaf we don’t disclose our customers

Half of these companies work with us, the other half are being monitored for them.

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